Raffi & Ischa


Raffi & Ischa (formerly known as MiNX) infuse their performance with visual elements, and the costumes and stage-props they sometimes employ are simply cherries on top of the already compelling show. Their most recent full-length endeavor, Being MiNX, was written to be performed both Unplugged or backed by tracks produced by the dynamic duo, and either way, Raffi and Ischa’s chemistry never disappoints, with or without multi-media presentation. 

In fact, some fans rave about Raffi and Ischa’s stripped-down acoustic shows most of all, impressed by the raw talent and energy they bring to every performance. With over three hours of acoustic material and several more hours of electronic tracks, Raffi & Ischa have been performing at a variety of venues, from coffee-shops, restaurants and bars to concert halls and festivals over the last ten years. 

Citing influences such as Norah Jones, David Bowie, Eurythmics, Sia, Nile Rodgers/Chic, Pharrell Williams and Prince, they are especially inspired by artists who don’t hesitate to include meaningful lyrics over playful, upbeat tunes. Their music reflects a passion for experimentation and a playful disregard for the rules on how music should be made, performed, and shared.

Now, you can also catch them as part of SBDance's Curbside Theater, a traveling multi-medium performance including Dance, Theater, Music, and more! 


New Album "Being MiNX"! Click on photo for more info.

MiNX "It's All Over Now" Music Video featuring local performing Artists "The Bad Kids"

MiNX's Full length Silent Film/Album, "Together Forever" ... Watch it now!