About MiNX

MiNX infuses their performance with visual elements, sometimes campy and vaudevillian, and the costumes and stage-props they may employ are simply cherries on top of the already compelling show. Their latest endeavor, "Being MiNX", was written to be performed both Unplugged or backed by tracks produced by the dynamic duo, and either way, Raffi and Ischa’s chemistry never disappoints, with or without multi-media presentation. 

In fact, some fans rave about MiNX’s stripped-down acoustic shows most of all, impressed by the raw talent and energy they bring to every performance. With over three hours of acoustic material and several more hours of electronic tracks, MiNX has been performing at a variety of venues, from coffee-shops, restaurants and bars to concert halls and festivals over the last five years. 

Citing influences such as Norah Jones, David Bowie, Eurythmics, Sia, Nile Rodgers/Chic, Pharrell Williams and Prince, they are especially inspired by artists who don’t hesitate to include meaningful lyrics over playful, upbeat tunes. Their music reflects a passion for experimentation and a playful disregard for the rules on how music should be made, performed, and shared.

With their latest release in 2017, "Being MiNX", Raffi and Ischa showcase their ability to truly DIY. Writing, performing, engineering and producing the entire album themselves, in addition to DIY'ing videos for each release: writing, storyboarding, costuming, directing, filming & editing each video to supplement the auditory experience of the song. "Being MiNX" takes you on the journey of being MiNX ... being Artists/Musicians in a shifting world, working together as a couple and as humans, the ups and downs of following your dreams ... The full double disk album is available now, only on our website, and the videos are free to watch on our youtube channel. 

MiNX's previous full-length album "Now", released 12.31.15, showcases nine tracks that somewhat encompass MiNX's experiences of 2015. "Now", while still fully produced, has a more raw, honest energy, with heart-wrenching songs like "Not Mine", and light but poignant acoustic track "Hey, Baby". The music video for track two,"It's All Over Now" features performance art group "The Bad Kids", and the product of the collaboration is charming and fun, while still delivering a meaningful and upbeat message. With seven high-energy electric songs and two melody-driven acoustics, the variation in tone and mood sets this album apart from it's predecessor, concept album and film "Together Forever". 

"Together Forever", released Halloween 2014, is a testament to MiNX’s focus on a multi-media, multi-sensory experience, presented as a concept album accompanied by a silent film. The tale is a twisted story of love and pain, with thirteen songs flowing seamlessly as each takes you into the next chapter, the lyrical and visual ironies paving the way for a darkly humorous punchline. "Together Forever" embraces and highlights the technology that allows MiNX artists Raffi and Ischa to do what they do. This twosome utilizes a variety of  production tools and artistic medium in order to create a show large enough to fit in any lineup. The high-energy live performance highlights guitarist Raffi’s skillful riffs and singer Ischa’s passionate vocals while delivering an overall polished, modern sound. As with everything MiNX endeavors, the release of "Together Forever" was executed with style, as each song was put online weekly with an accompanying music video, all leading up to the creepy grand finale released on Halloween. Each video and song can stand alone, but the real magic is watching it all the way through and discovering the cohesion of the entire project. As a silent film, the story can be enjoyed in a loud venue without taking anything away from it- it’s designed to be played in these settings, to set the tone with visual and auditory stimulation.

Since forming officially in February 2012, MiNX now include 106 original songs (as well as dozens of covers) in their repertoire. The first 45 were released as a collection from which people can create their own mix-tapes, and includes everything from acoustic to hip-hop. Soon after, nine electronic tracks were released as “Golden” in March 2013, five acoustic songs in August 2013 as “Summertime Unplugged”, and as the grand finale for the year, thirteen more electronic songs on album “13”, on November 13th, 2013. Thirteen additional songs were released as “Together Forever” in 2014, "NOW" added nine more to the mix, and "Being MiNX" introduced 12 new songs, recorded both Unplugged and fully produced for a total of 24 recordings. 

MiNX has played on college radio stations throughout the USA, is played and featured live regularly on KBER 101’s Salt Lake Soundcheck, as well as on live music segments for Park City Television and KUTV 2 News in Morning. Some high-profile performances include the Utah Arts Festival 2013, 2015, 2017, annual Utah Pride Festival 2014-2017, annual Urban Arts Festival 2013-2017  Craft Lake City Festival 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2017, Sundance Festival official HP Lounge 2015, Sundance various venues 2016, and the National Anthem in front of 15,000+ people at SL REAL game on three occasions. Cities played outside home base of Utah include Las Vegas, San Diego, NYC, Denver, & New Orleans and a quick 2017 West Coast Tour that included 8 cities in 10 days. Awards include “Next Level” at the 2014 Dance Evolution Evolvies, “Best Score” for “Together Forever” in the 2015 Online Filmed in Utah Awards, a spot in the top ten 2015 City Weekly magazine Best of Utah Music: Bands, and a feature on X96: Live and Local in August 2015.